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Salty Old Seadog

Salty Old Seadog

The Details

Name: Salty Old Seadog

Location: Cardiff Bay Barrage Play Area

Created by: Judith Chapman

Sponsor: Cardiff Council Harbour Authority

Design Inspiration

Salty Old Sea Dog celebrates Cardiff Bay, the fantastic seafront, and what lays below the waves. It shows the waterfront with all its iconic buildings, from the Millennium Centre past the Senedd building to the Norwegian church spanning the historic development of this recognisable shoreline. Leave the dock and dive in to discover some of the amazing creatures that live in local waters such as basking sharks, crustaceans and jellyfish and playful sea-lions swimming in circles and popping their heads above the waves. A diver is going down looking for an Octopus, but the clever octopus is hiding above the waves!

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