Wild in Art
Dogs Trust presents A Dog’s Trail
A Wild in Art Event


The creativity of artists from across Wales and beyond has been unleashed as A Dog’s Trail gets underway!

We want to say a huge thank you to all the artists for their ‘paw-some’ work which we know will be enjoyed by thousands.

We were inundated with submissions and a final shortlist was drawn up by a panel from Dogs Trust, Wild in Art and Peanuts. Now the time is here to show the dog-lovers, walkers and cyclists of South Wales the doggie designs dotted across the Trail stretching from Cardiff to Porthcawl and Caerphilly.

From Daffodils to dragons and doggie daydreams to canine capers, the trail celebrates the culture, traditions and beauty of Wales.

We have loved bringing A Dog’s Trail to life and now as it bounds onto the streets and into the parks and venues of South Wales we hope you have great fun exploring the unique dog-friendly trail.

A huge thank you to all our artists

  • Snoopix created by Tim Sutcliffe
  • A Dog’s Dream created by Megan Hill
  • Barkbour created by Emma Graham
  • Kintsugi created by Joe Davies
  • Pirate Snoopy created by Susan Webber
  • Sea for Miles created by Peter Poole
  • Snoopy Dog Vinci created by Amy Bourbon
  • Snoopy’s Spots created by Sandra Webster
  • Gwlad, Gwlad created by Kayleigh Ashman
  • Cwtch created by Rhiannon Griffiths
  • Let’s Get Out and About created by Patternistas (Suzanne and Chris Carpenter)
  • Bore Da Snoopy created by Emma Everitt
  • Quit Dragon Your Heels created by Amy Bainbridge
  • Welsh Wildflowers created by Elis Mutlu
  • Daffadog created by Donna Newman
  • Happy Little Clouds created by Lucie Alexander
  • Hiraeth & Heritage created by Ceri Carlyon and Chloe Hall
  • Snoop Draig created by Sophie Galliers Art
  • Guard Dog created by Mik Richardson
  • They’re All Good Dogs created by Matt Joyce
  • All The Collars of the Rainbow created by Bea Martin and Jack Skivens
  • Bad to the Bone, But a Heart of Gold created by Alternative Aesthetics (Colin Kersely)
  • Bark Side of the Moon created by Rachel Hall Illustration
  • Celestial Day & Night created by Hannah Morgan
  • Cymro created by Rhiannon Roberts
  • Dogs Day Out created by Emily Hilditch
  • Flowers Will Always Grow created by Farah Saffari
  • Forever Home created by Reilly Creative (Lynsey and Kieron Reilly)
  • Four Seasons of Dog Walking created by Lois Cordeila
  • Kick the Ball Snoopy created by Phil Morgan
  • Papillon created by Kathleen Smith
  • Peek a Boop! created by Layla Holzer
  • Pow-Wow! Created by Jenny Leonard
  • Rescue Me – The Dogs of Dogs Trust created by Tamsin McLaughlan
  • Salty Old Seadog created by Judith Chapman
  • Self Care with Snoopy created by Alison Howard
  • Tally created by Traci Moss
  • The Natural Beauty of Cardiff and Wales created by The Bubble Writer (Linda Scott)
  • Y Ci Gwarchod created by Louise Jones Art
  • Yr Wyddfa created by Kathleen Smith
A Dog's Trail